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          1. MDE Corporation

            Pump, Valve & Homogenizer Repair

            Pump, Valve & Homogenizer Repair

            Our company offers a variety of maintenance services to help keep your equipment in optimum running condition. From pump, valve & homogenizer repair to more complex problems in your production facilities, we can always provide fast and efficient solutions. Please contact us soon and let us handle all your repair and maintenance concerns.

            Onsite Repair Jobs Performed by Certified Technicians

            We have a team of certified technicians with extensive training and years of experience performing various repair and maintenance works for our clients. They are not only trained in pump, valve & homogenizer repair but can also perform other maintenance tasks, depending on the needs of our client.

            Pump, Valve & Homogenizer Repair

            Some of the off site repairs we can perform include:

            • Temperature and pressure gauges repair
            • Homogenizer piston recoating
            • Re-vulcanizing rubber rotors
            • Pump back plate resurfacing
            • Valve plugs and valve stems repair and replacement
            • Replacing damaged port connections on pumps
            • Meter Repair

            Aside from these, we can also handle other repair and maintenance jobs involving heat exchangers, washers, flow meters, and mixers. All of these tasks will be addressed only by certified personnel, so you’re assured of quick completion and positive results.