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          1. MDE Corporation

            Process Expertise

            Process Expertise

            MDE Corporation takes pride in its decades of experience in the industry serving the food and beverage sector, as well as the dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Our process design team will meet with you in order to help develop the most efficient process possible to meet all you needs.

            Improving Your Business Operations

            Our company’s process expertise has already helped countless clients in optimizing their production and lowering their operational costs. We can also effectively help your business enjoy improved operation and processes by hiring us today.

            From breweries and dairy manufacturing plants to beverages and confectionery, we have everything needed to keep the products clean and safe for client consumption. We can perform retrofitting of outdated systems and repairing of critical equipment. Products will be manufactured under favorable and ideal conditions that will help avoid contamination issues. Our systematic methods and well-thought-out plans will likewise help facilitate faster manufacturing processes that will keep production costs low and productivity well above quotas.

            Our Valued Partners

            Process Expertise

            We’re fortunate to have as our partners some of the most reputable and reliable suppliers and manufacturers of premium sanitary process components.

            Among our partners are Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, DCI, Carlisle, Anderson Instrument, Ampco Pumps, Ace Sanitary, Sani Matic with Girton MFG, and many others.

            We Are Experts in Different Production Processes

            Aside from our decades of experience, we've also already worked on various types of projects for different businesses – from small food processing firms in the Michigan area to large manufacturing firms across the country. Their continued trust in us shows that our process expertise meets their requirements and even exceeds their expectations.

            Please call us at (734) 744-5480 now, and let our experts help your business succeed.